Welcome to PairTrader by StockOdds

PairTrader by StockOdds is a site dedicated to providing the active or professional trader unique education, mentoring, research, software, and practical tools for successful pair trading.  Our mission is to give you the tools you need and assist you in being a successful trader!

At PairTrader by StockOdds we want you to discover the flexibility and freedom of pair trading. We hope that with study and practice, you will love pair trading as much as we do.  Above all, we want you to profit from the strategies we employ. There are tremendous advantages to trading this way, and like all investments there are risks. We want you to know why pair trading is a good strategy to learn and implement, how to actually trade this way, and how to avoid most of the pitfalls.

For further training and general knowledge we highly recommend you take one of our workshops or request some online mentoring, where you can experience firsthand how the strategies are implemented, or you can purchase our comprehensive manual “The Art of the Arb“.   Like all new endeavors, it’s always best to learn from those who’ve walked the path first – we’d love to help.

What is Pair Trading?

Pair trading, also known as statistical arbitrage or spread trading, is a strategy that allows the trader to capture anomalies, relative strength or even fundamental differences on two stocks or baskets while maintaining a market neutral position. This powerful trading strategy once used only by large institutional investors and hedge funds has been adapted for implementation in your taxable trading accounts. Market neutrality has never been more important, as it allows the trader to capture profits in up, down, or sideways markets while giving you the freedom from having to predict the direction of the overall market.


Is Pair Trading right for you?

Only you can answer this question. The PairTrader founders and many others like them have chosen this method of trading over traditional momentum based trading strategies for various reasons. Some investors may even use these techniques to profit from the differential between an overvalued stock and an undervalued stock while remaining for the most part market neutral. If you have been looking for answers in these difficult and unpredictable market conditions read the personal experience of Rob.


What can Pair Trading do for You?

Are you tired of trying to guess the market’s direction?  Would you like to learn how our professional traders have been consistently taking money out of the market?  Are you looking for a new strategy that can make you money and help minimize the risk?  Then pair trading may be perfect for you!  Our pair trading method opens the door to multi-layered trading strategies, facilitates diversification as you can trade many pairs at a time, and allows you to potentially trade larger.  All this helps with a trader’s confidence.  Whether the market is traveling up or down or sideways, or moving fast or slow, the trader can generate profits from trading the differential of two correlated stocks – any and every day.