The Art of the Arb

The Art of the Arb

ANNOUNCING: “The Art of The Arb” Trading Manual

How YOU Can Take Profits From The Markets Daily While Investing With Less Risk…

A Powerful Investing Methodology Boiled Down Into An Easy to Follow, Step-By-Step System That Anyone Can Follow

You’re about to discover a little-known, and even less talked about, trading strategy that can help you make profitable trading decisions without having to guess which way the markets are heading.

We feel very fortunate to have discovered this unique, powerful and disarmingly simple method of investing. Now we want to share it with you.

When we started investing this way, there was no manual or training course to show us the way. We had to learn by doing. We’ve risked, gained and lost a lot of money along the way.

Now we’ve packed what we have learned into a detailed, easy to understand manual so you don’t have to make the same mistakes we made. We want to help you become a better investor or trader by showing you how pair trading, or “spread trading” can lower your risk and increase the probability of making profitable trading decisions.

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“Thanks for recommending Rob’s Pair Trading Course in Vancouver. Rob’s a great teacher and trader and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to take the course. It wasn’t only a Pair Trading course, but a thorough and detailed course in the basics of how to trade markets. Rob is a rare trading mentor in that he’s very patient with you as you learn the material and makes certain you understand each point. He doesn’t cut any corners. Moreover, Rob is a wonderful host, taking you to see the sights in and around Vancouver as well as a nice dinner and lunch each day.”


Dear Rob,

I have arrived safely back to HK, after a long journey back across the Pacific.

Although jet-lagged, I am totally energized and pumped up by the great experience I had with you at the mentoring sessions.

I want to say thank you (Mille grazie means a million thanks in Italian), for the tremendous effort you put into the teaching and giving me and the other classmates such a tremendous experience.

The amount of energy that you put into the teaching and the abundant amount of concepts, knowledge, and trading theory you give out is amazing.

In our industry there are way too many self-centered ego types, and your humble approach and generosity are rarely encountered.

The combination of your leadership, the classroom concepts and then the daily trading of pairs strategy is invaluable in having a framework to go forward with passion, initiative and discipline to set out an a new career as a professional Trader.

I am really glad that I took the time and spent the money to fly into HKG for the mentoring course. It is one of the best decisions I have made in at least 5 years and confirmed for me that I want to become a top-performing, successful trader. I am aiming high with the goal of becoming one of the Best of the Best and massivly successful (and let’s hope rich :), and your Mentoring sessions gives me a strong foundation to set out on.

Rob, I look forward to developing a rewarding, successful and profitable business and investment relationship with you on a long-term basis.

You are a great Teacher, a great Host, and obviously a highly successful Trader and a great person to learn from.

Let’s rock the house!

Best regards,

Christopher A. Aiello

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